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Has your car been giving you issues? Maybe it’s time to take it to a reliable garage for servicing. If you need quality repair and servicing for your vehicle at great value prices, drive in to the garage of Andre Lasnier Motors Ltd in Merseyside.


If you are tired of expensive repairs and servicing for your clutch and brakes, the efficient services at Andre Lasnier Motors Ltd can help. With our mechanical expertise, we will always deliver high standard work at great value prices.


Apart from the tyres, it is also important to take care of your exhaust system for fuel efficiency and noxious gas release. Trust our expertise and come to our garage in Merseyside of quality car services.


If you are facing issues with your vehicle, don’t let them escalate into a major problem. The vehicle repair specialists at Andre Lasnier Motors Ltd in Merseyside will run a thorough check on your vehicle and diagnose any fault in the car.


The specialists at Andre Lasnier Motors Ltd in Merseyside will prep your vehicle for your upcoming MOT testing and put it through the test. You can rely on our expertise and experience for the complete care and maintenance of your car.

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If you are looking for knowledgeable engineers to take care of your vehicle servicing, get in touch with the vehicle repair experts at Andre Lasnier Motors Ltd in Merseyside.

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Quality repair work for your vehicle

If you want reliable and dependable repair work for your Peugeot or Citroen, get first class services by the engineers at Andre Lasnier Motors Ltd in Merseyside.

Mechanical assistance by the experts

  • Well stocked inventory of vehicle parts
  • Light commercial vehicles
  • Specialist in Peugeot and Citroen
  • Experienced and qualified mechanics
  • Expert services at competitive rates

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  • Phone: 0151 639 9580
  • Email: andre.lasnier@sky.com
  • We service the areas in and around Wallasey and Merseyside. We address all fault repair work within 24 hours.

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